Have you ever wondered how past stylists worked without the luxury of technology, that we enjoy today?

Look no further than Lowell Academy’s new Vintage classroom. We have a long and extensive history in cosmetology, which dates back to mid 1930. Knowing the background history of your craft, and understanding how it originated is fundamental. If you know where you started, then you will see clearer where you are going.  Besides, checking out classic equipment and products is just plain fun! We have curling irons that look like solid-steel machinery. Hair dryers that look like they could support space travel. And, mannequin heads that are better suited for a horror movie.

If you are someone, who enjoys learning about the past while preparing for the future, then you will love our Vintage room. There are a lot more photos coming to our website, but in the meantime, come to Historic downtown Lowell and check out the historic beginnings of the Cosmetology field.

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